I use Emacs for more things than I should. And I mostly hate it. I also often modify it so that I hate it less. Sometimes these modification attempts end up like xkdc 1319. Here I share some of the more useful ones. Not sure why. Well, because I can and nobody can stop me. Use at your own risk.

But better not use Emacs while you are still able to get away. After a while one starts talking about meta this and control that and starts thinking that C-c C-f C-e is a perfectly understandable sentence. Then everybody just politely nods and quickly leaves the room. As an example, if you are not an Emacs user you are now wondering what on earth this paragraph is about. And you are better off not knowing.

Nothing (except this paragraph, we would not want to get into self-referential paradoxes, would we? :)) on these pages should be taken seriously or as representing my serious view. I am not a serious person.